Opt-6 Products, LLC

Opt-6 Products is a small software company that I founded in February of 2009. It specializes in Mac and iOS development, with two excellent iOS apps and one small Mac utility currently available. I am the lead developer at Opt-6, and I work with three other excellent developers: George Woodliff-Stanley, Preston M., and Zach Fisher. I also work with one incredibly talented graphic designer, Wil Nichols.


Tribo is the open-source blogging engine that powers this site. The app is written in Objective-C, includes a native Mac interface, and is blazingly fast. It produces a static set of files that can be served by any self-respecting web server, so the sites it creates are eminently portable.

Five Square

Five Square is a completely new solitaire card game of strategy and skill. It combines the simplicity and elegance of a classic solitaire game with the challenge of complex strategic play. I co-developed Five Square with George Woodliff-Stanley, while the lovely graphics were created by Wil Nichols.


CZKit is a collection of open-source libraries of Objective-C code, written entirely by myself. It includes a library of categories that extend existing Apple classes, a library of utility classes for random functions, a library of custom UI elements, and a library of custom views. It also includes a set of Xcode project/file templates.