A few moments ago, I was sitting in a movie theater, as the lights came up and the credits rolled. I sat motionless for a while, simply considering what I had just seen. District 9 was an incredible film. It drew my in from the moment it began, with its stunning realism and harsh effects. The film itself was shocking. I went into that theater expecting a fairly good science fiction movie: I had no idea that it would be such a shockingly impressive feat of filmmaking. It combines a very well done science fiction premise with an extremely real setting. I think that the utter realism of the movie is what makes it resonate so deeply with me.

I came out of the theater thinking to myself that what really disturbed me about the movie was how very real it was. I could easily imagine the exact scenario that played out in the movie happening on our planet now. It is human nature, seemingly, to instantly reject and hate any new being that somehow challenges our current stance as the most powerful life on the planet. One small element, just tossed out by one of the interviewees, was particularly shocking. They mention that the MNU, the organization which is on the forefront of relations and supposed humanitarian acts towards the aliens, is also the world’s top weapons manufacturer. It suddenly made everything make sense to me: the aliens have advanced weaponry, thus they instantly draw intrigue and assistance from us. What saddens me is that this is true, and would easily happen in our current world.

I would not recommend this movie to the faint-of-heart, or those of you who are squeamish about violence and gore. This movie is brutal, and harsh, but if you can handle it, it is definitely worth seeing.