A few days ago, my brother woke me up. I was very intent on telling him that I had solved his code error: he had forgotten a semicolon. Now, a bit of background here. My brother doesn’t program. He never has, and never will. Also, the easiest error to make when programming in Objective-C (which I do) is to forget to append every line with a semicolon. Thus, I probably meant to make him feel dumb about his amateur coding mistake: if he had actually made it.

He met my odd comment with absolute confusion. A few moments after he didn’t instantly understand what I meant, I realized that there was something strange going on. I then tried to think back to why I had told him this in the first place: and I couldn’t come up with the reason. Thus, the trigger for my strange actions must have stemmed from a dream. A dream about code.

This, my friends, is a whole new level of obsession. Of all the things I’ve ever done relating to programming, this takes the cake. I’ve stayed up past 3AM trying to solve an exception, and I’ve actually pulled hair out of my head looking at a frozen application, but never before have I dreamt about code. It surprises even me, and my middle name is OCD.

I suppose the reasoning behind this is probably the fact that I haven’t been able to get the xMod table view working properly yet. But that is definitely not a simple error to fix…unless my subconscious knows more about NSCells than I do.