Thought I would put out another list of my current favorite bands/albums.

Saving Abel: I started listening to them because I’ll be seeing them in concert with Nickelback, Papa Roach, and Hinder. They only have one album out currently, but it is quite a solid record. Starting out fast with New Tattoo, *and then treating you to great hybrid songs like *Addicted, 18 Days, and In God’s Eyes, their self-titled album can definitely keep you hooked through the entire thing. It goes out with an excellent , much grungier song than the rest, Beautiful You. Overall, the album itself is a great, fluid piece, and the band itself has definite potential and skill. Unlike many bands these days, where the vocalists rely heavily on special mixing to sound even close to acceptable, Jared Weeks (lead singer for Saving Abel) has a unique, and catchy voice that gives the band a great sound, different from most others in their genre.

Shinedown: I’ve had a couple songs by Shinedown in my library for quite a while (namely 45 *and *Fly From the Inside, both from Leave a Whisper.) I enjoyed these songs, but it never really occurred to me to look at more from Shinedown. It took one of my friends, George seeing Second Chance in the iTunes Top 10 for me to actually take notice of this previously-ignored band. I bought Sounds of Madness, their newest album (which has the top 10 song in it) and immediately fell in love with this band. The singer has a great voice, much deeper than that from Saving Abel, but not quite as disgustingly rough as Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. The guitar and bass from the opening 4 songs in the album is excellent, and will instantly wake you up if you happen to be drifting off. After a quick pause for a few slow songs, they come revving back up with a great song, with the cheesiest name and chorus ever known to man. I’ll leave you to look it up for yourself. After that, there are a few more excellent quick songs, and then the 3 bonus tracks will not disappoint.

Halestorm: I just started listening to them today, and I have to say, they have become my guilty pleasure (music-wise, perverts.) Although some regard them as a disgrace to Rock, for their slant towards the awful “genre” that is Pop, I completely disagree. Quite frankly, I’d say that is simply sexism. The singer for Halestorm is a woman, and thus people seem to instantly assume we have another Britney Spears (but this time dressed as a rocker.) Oh, and a small bit of my enjoyment for this band definitely stems from the fact that there is something intrinsically attractive about a woman that can do some insane shredding on that Flying V.