Haven’t reviewed any movies recently, though I would talk about the two I’ve seen in the past week.

Angels and Demons

I really enjoyed this movie. The book is one of my all-time favorite reads, and I’m happy with the movie’s representation of it. It can’t really live up to it at all, but it did its best. The action sequences were well-choreographedand exciting, and the acting was solid. The plot was a bit difficult to follow, probably due to the amount of characters and elements that were cut out from the book. Overall, it is a movie I would recommend to most people.

Terminator Salvation

The plot for this movie was really difficult to follow, of course, I haven’t seen any of the other movies. That is probably why. But apart from that, the action sequences were intense and well-done. The pyrotechnics were elaborate, and sometimes excessive, yet I still enjoyed them. I have to say, I cracked up when the terminator/person thing was in the computer room, and the screen said “Sync Complete.” I half expected it to start verifying. Ah well. Overall, good only for the action. Nothing else really of value in it.