Most people have heard that the iTunes Music Store is raising prices on a ton of songs. People are quite pissed at the 30 cent increase in price. I don’t get it. Since when were people entitled to 99 cent songs? Have you ever tried to buy a real CD? It’s not like that happens in a record store. And people dislike the variations in the pricing. When you go to a record store, is the brand new release of the popular band more expensive than the month-old releases by the B-rated band? Yep. this is just bringing more complexity to a market that wasn’t working perfectly. And the artists get more money which is good.

Also, something to consider is the lack of song DRM. Even in my small circle of friends, I’m already seeing more sharing of music. I’m against this at a large scale, and it bugs me. In essence, iTunes has to account for the fact that every purchased copy of the music may very well end up on 5-10 computers, or more if it gets put up on a torrent. Even if you don’t pirate music, we all have to pay for them. It’s not fair, but it is the only way the artists are going to get fed. And we like our artists well-nourished.

So my overall opinion: suck it up. The economic collapse is affecting everyone, the artists need to eat, and piracy of music is rampant. 30 cents per song isn’t that much, deal with it.

Added note: As a reader pointed out to me, this is all only the case if more of the revenue from higher priced songs goes to the artists. I’ve searched for a while now and can’t find the actual figures for artist compensation when songs are bought on iTunes. If someone could comment about this, I’d be much obliged.