…sucks. I swear to god, if shareware mac devs don’t start hiring UI/icon designers, I’m going to pay for them myself.

These are my tentative thoughts on each app that has been unlocked. I’ll be posting more on each app later.

iSale: I already have GarageSale, which is OK. I honestly never really sell anything on eBay, but w/e. The UI for this one is awkward at best, and ugly at it’s usual.

Picturesque: Neat idea. I already have Photoshop, PixelMator, DrawIt, GIMP, and countless other image editors. The UI of this one is in the “failed attempt at delicious” category.

SousChef: I’m not a cook.

World of Goo: I’m not a gamer.

PhoneView: SSH. I have a JailBroken phone (and I’m proud!), so this doesn’t really add anything for me. Anyways, not the best UI (in fact, it sucks), and I prefer hacking my way into the iPhone’s filesystem anyway.

LittleSnapper: Not bad. I have tried it before. Just never fell in love, due to my adoration for the simplicity of GrabUp. Both services have one fatal flaw: URL length. They both generate gigantic URLs that are ugly in AIM chats, and impossible to caption in tweets. Probably will never find a place in my workflow, considering Pasta will be fixing this one flaw anyway.

Acorn: See: Picturesque.

Kinemac: My eyes are bleeding. Bleeding. The UI for this is the worst I’ve ever had the displeasure of seeing. I can’t use it, even if I had a use for it. I would PAY them, just to uncheck the “Drop Shadow” box in the Blending Options window.

As I said, there is more to write about these, but it is time for me to relax. I’ll be testing all of them (except for Kinemac. I cannot even look at it), and reviewing each one. Oh, and yes, I did buy it. If anyone wants a license to Kinemac, comment. I’ll give it to you. Hell, I’ll pay you to take it from me.