Geeky post time!

The Safari 4 public beta is out! It’s been met with mixed feelings from me…

The appearance is overall, crappy and overdone. Top sites is a good idea (not by Apple’s part though, it’s in every other browser, in some way) but the 3D effect is just cheesy and dumb. The progress bar died, and I really liked the old one. It’s been replaced by a throbber, which doesn’t really display progress at all. Thanks apple! The address bar is unified with a dumbass plus button, which is just plain terrible looking. I honestly don’t bookmark that much, and if I did, I’d use a keyboard shortcut. And the refresh button needs to come back to it’s usual place, please.

And finally, the tabs. Oh. My. God. I get that they are copying Chrome because it’s a hit, but that is NOT the part people like. Chrome works well in every way, except appearance! So go ahead, get it’s speed, but do NOT get it’s look. Thus, I instantly found and used this hidden preference (enter into and hit return):
defaults write DebugSafari4TabBarIsOnTop false
Okay, well, those are my criticisms. Other than those, it’s pretty great. Blazing fast, and it aces the Acid3 test ( I’ll keep it, as long as the tab bar preference stays.