There’s a restaurant in the area of my school called Fergie’s. It started out as a frozen custard shop run by a family. Back then, it was an excellent place. They had unique menu selections, and great service. I really loved that place.

A while back, it went out of business and was bought up by a slightly larger business. The restaurant sadly became more of a little diner then a frozen custard shop. This happened with mixed feelings. Some of their new menu was actually pretty good, and the custard stayed the same which was good. But the service…it changed. It was now a business, not a location. I stopped enjoying going there as much.

I went back there today for some food. The person who took my order barely spoke english, and when she did, I could barely hear her due to the loud music. The music wasn’t bad (or particularly good), but it prevented me from hearing. Due to all of this, I have composed a short list of the things that Fergie’s does wrong.

  • People need to speak english. It’s the United States, I know it’s the melting pot and all, but you’re serving english customers.
  • Music choice is not something I need to control, but if I can’t hear myself talk, then something is very very wrong.
  • Orders need to be correct. The occasional error is fine, but the massive and preventable slip ups just get annoying after a while.
  • Location is important to a restaurant, and should also dictate some of how it is run. Considering most of Fergie’s business comes from the schools, I’d say they should act more like a family and less like a business.
  • The atmosphere needs to feel like it hasn’t been completely forgotten and left behind.

I could go on, but I’d rather not right now. Got anything to add to the list? Comment away!