One of my parents is lying. I can’t tell which one.

Obviously, as is the case with most families, we’re going through some tough financial times. By “we” I mean my mom. My dad of course married Vicki, who is providing enough money for him. Thanks, showbiz.

My mom versus my dad. They each tell conflicting stories about what money changed and didn’t change hands after the divorce. Each of there stories depict themselves as the good guys.

-I’ll finish this post later, gotta run.

Okay, now then…

My parents obviously hate each other, that much is clear. I mean, they divorced each other and now barely speak to each other. This is all made worse by the fact that they both owe each other something. My dad owes my mom, well, 10 years of her life. My dad also seemingly owes her a lot of money, but according to him that’s all not true. What does my mom owe my dad? Just a bit of forgiveness. Her ability to be vindictive is absolutely unparalleled.

Okay, just had to rant for a bit there. The moral of this story is, don’t have parents.