My last post, “Clogged Senses,” confused a lot of people, including myself. It was late at night and my mind was a bit out of whack. Yet, when I read it again, it still all makes perfect sense to me. The key is understanding all the pieces of the analogy.

Begin with the setting, a depressing city scene. No interesting features, plenty of distractions. Now see my school, where nothing is really interesting me and everything I see and interact with feels like it’s just bringing me further from my goals.

Skyscrapers bearing down on you. Sounds a bit like those goddawful teachers/adults that are always watching everything you do. Waiting for you to make even a small mistake.

1000s of cars, racing around you. Other people’s lives you never get to touch, or if you do, barely get to affect. You may occasionally connect with someone else, but if you do, it’s fleeting.

There’s more to this then just that, but I’m not even sure what it all means. This is taken directly from a recurring nightmare I’ve been having for years. Any insights or ideas, comment.