Bear with me for a moment here, okay? So, imagine you’re in the middle of a huge city. Skyscrapers all around you, blocking your view of the world around you. Cars are rushing around everywhere, and people are yelling and screaming on the sidewalks. The walls on the buildings are covered in graffiti, and windows have been smashed in. In the distance you hear gunshots, sirens, and a sharp shriek, probably from a child. You cannot hear yourself think.

Awful smells surround you. Engine fumes, smog, and rotting souls. You start to look around more, trying to see what’s going on. What is causing all of the noise. But your vision gets more and more clouded by black smoke and smog, obscuring all but the closest objects in a vaporous hell.

Panic is setting in now. You’re running. Running through the streets. No way to see where you’re going, no way to hear who is talking to you. Screams, endless screams. Smoke, never-ending smoke. In hope that you would see something familiar, something that was progressing at all, you look down at your feet. They are running so fast, trying to get out of this hell. But they aren’t moving. No matter how fast you run, you get nowhere.