How did this happen?

What went wrong? What could I have done? Why does shit like this always happen to me?

As you probably figured out, I’m just a tad bit depressed. Actually, very depressed. I had been dating her for 5 months…I thought it was going so well. I really had/have feelings for her. But she’s lost interest. She’s moved on. Maybe for the best. People really are best left without me, I guess. I cause sadness, depression, and anything else that’s horrible. I’m a bad influence, and a horrible friend. And now, I clearly was a horrible boyfriend.

Anything I touch (figuratively) goes to hell. My software went well until I tried to make it better. Now it’s a pain in the ass, and unsuccessful to boot. Half my friends can’t actually stand me, and the girl I thought I really had a connection with didn’t share the feeling.

Damnit, I’m still being depressing.